Sherri's approach to business, and philanthropy, reflects a simple yet authentic passion for "all things extraordinary."


Born in Los Angeles and raised in Orange County, her student-athlete status at UNLV was followed by sports-related career roles which lured her off the tennis court.  Fast forward to an acceptance into Harvard University's Business School Executive Marketing program, Sherri framed a career journey which has included 4 nominations as Orange County's Business Women of the Year, recipient of 3 NYC Editors Choice Awards and Honoree of the Year by Chapman University's Career Center.   


Occupying the Lead Buyer seat at a Los Angeles based International Export Company where she partnered U.S. trends, brands and businesses with Japanese retailers, she developed the understanding required to work domestically and internationally. Her background with the Asian marketplace earned her a praised role as the U.S. Trend Correspondent at the world-renown Global Sourcing Conference in Hong Kong, a design contract for an innovative Lexus showroom experience and a Creative Space planning role with an Awards Show Media Company affiliated with the 2012-2017 Academy Awards and Emmy Awards Style Lounges. Most recently, Refinery 29 and Vogue have tapped into her trend intuitiveness and following in her forecasting blog housed at Hotels Magazine.

Armed with a fierce dedication to improving hotel amenity programs along with an exquisite eye for differentiating, Sherri's passion for pairing corporations and their respected brands with millions of travelers have landed her licensed and own product designs in over 1 million hotel rooms worldwide. In 2017, already, over 37 million hotel guests have experienced one of her creations, thus, the reasoning she is a frequent visitor at hotel chain headquarters.


Most recently, her vision of giving back to students interested in adopting her approach to building an exceptional and rewarding career inspired the launch of Omics LIVE, a 501(c) non-profit career-exploring Internship Foundation. The program has grown organically to 23 campuses across the U.S. with several University's endorsing the organization as an accredited program.

In her downtime, she enjoys her home base in Orange County, CA., along with two Bassett Hounds, exploring hidden gems, attending philanthropy related events, theater and music performances, (especially on Broadway), coffee and conversation and catching up with family and friends. 


Born and raised in Southern California, Danica Kassebaum graduated cum laude from California State University, Long Beach, in 2007 with a degree in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Danica taught 4th grade for five years and she also enjoys performing in the Entertainment Department at the Disneyland Resort.

Some of Danica's favorite things include traveling all around the world, baking allergy-friendly desserts, musical theater, reading chick-lit books and watching chick flick movies. Danica has a HUGE shoe obsession and loves purses, accessories, cocktail dresses (...basically all things fashion related) and spending countless hours shopping for these favorite things! Danica feeds her retail hunger at little boutiques where you can find cute, stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Danica says, "I have the greatest family and friends a girl could ask for and love spending as much time with them as possible." Not to be excluded is her family pet, Tucker, a four-year-old, 75 lb. Goldendoodle.



Community Relations

Born and raised in Sweden, Caroline moved to Los Angeles at the age of 15 and fell in love with  Southern California after living here for one year. She was able to move back to LA to attend USC on a rowing scholarship. Since day one, she has excelled in her marketing interests by interning at various entertainment, marketing, and PR companies.


Caroline  majored in Communications at USC. She loves everything entertainment, marketing and also brands herself a social media enthusiast. Since she graduated in 2013, Caroline has worked at Rogers & Cowan as a social media strategist and enrolled in the UCLA marketing certificate program.


In her free time, she takes spinning classes, hikes in LA, and goes on runs around Brentwood. Caroline is hoping to stay in California the rest of her life and work as a Marketing Director.



Production Assistant

Haley Hammers  was born and raised in Southern California. She is an avid hiker, swimmer, cook, traveler, big sister, health fan and most importantly a, student. She has always attended honors courses, which lead her to get into her dream school, Chapman University.


Haley loves to hear exciting new stories, as well as learn about peoples triumphs and tragedies, so naturally, she is an English major. She aspires to help people by using her major to one day work in administration for a nonprofit assisting children. 



Development/Research Manager

Currently a Junior at Chapman University in Orange County, California, Kirsten is a first year intern for OmicsLive! Born and raised in Chula Vista, California, Kirsten grew up with a  younger sister, mother, and dauchshund. She is studying Graphic Design with a strong inspiration from her mother in the same industry, alongside Kirsten's love to draw and design. This may not be the first thing that comes to a person's mind when they meet her though. Kirsten is half Mexican, her first language is Spanish, and she loves everything that has to do with travel and learning about new cultures. It is a big part of who she is, how she works, as well as how she views the world around her.



Graphic Designer

Danielle Darden is a sophomore at Washington State University. She is a PAC-12 track and field athlete studying broadcast journalism and mass communications. Danielle is a part of the Student Athlete All Academic team and is a part of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars Chapter.  After graduating WSU, Danielle plans on applying her major skills towards a career in sports or fashion journalism in mass media.


Danielle is also studying film production and product placement, along with her love for blogging and web design. When she is not searching for new trends as Fashionomics Live Social Media Manger you can spot her competing all over the west

coast, racing live on the PAC-12 network.


Blog/Creative Manager

Megan Van Horn is the Managing Editor of the OmicsLive Blog. She is very passionate about many things including blogging, fashion, and ballet. Megan has been working with Fashionomics since 2014 in various jobs such as a blog intern, social media platform blogger, and now, as the managing editor of the recently launched fashionomics blog.


She is currently living in Dallas, Texas where she is a professional ballet dancer with Avant Chamber Ballet. She is originally from Orange County, California, but has lived all over the country in order to pursue her career as a professional dancer. Omics live has allowed her to sustain her passion for blogging while working remotely in whatever city her career as a dancer takes her. She is honored to have been given the opportunity to learn and improve in this field because of the opportunities this amazing non-profit has given her. 



Managing Editor- Social Media

Growing up in the little town of Orange, LilyAnne is attending Chapman University. She is in her senior year as a Creative Writing Major and Psychology minor. She spends her free time going on runs, in hopes of befriending the neighborhood cats, and writing overly melodramatic poetry. She is at her happiest when telling stories and making people laugh. One day, she would like to be a novelist or a writer for a TV series or late night show. Lily gives social media and blogging instruction to the intern team, and also works as the managing editor for the Fashion section of the OmicsLive Blog.




Blogger Coach & Tab Editor

Jenny originally joined Fashionomics as a Facebook blogger in 2013, back when she was a high school freshman and just figuring out what she wanted to pursue. Jenny is now a 16-year-old aspiring fashion blogger/designer and an intern for Omics Live. She loves art, good films, and good books. She believes in the power of social media and youth, because she believes in the power of sharing. She also has faith in the future of fashion journalism and believes that art and media can be fused together to create a dynamic mix that we call pop culture today. 


Jenny enjoys horseback riding and spending time with animals. She also has a strange obsession for avocados and James Franco. You will most likely catch her watching Anna Karina movies with pistachio gelato in bed.



Blog Team Manager



Entertainment Editor

My name is Farai Bennett, the content editor for Omics Live, and current sophomore at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to Fountain Hills, AZ when I was eleven years old. Although I lived in a small neighborhood with less than 25,000 people throughout my teen years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to several different countries in South America, Africa, and all over Europe where half of my family resides.

    I discovered my passion for journalism when I was in seventh grade, after I had the chance to do several morning broadcasts for my junior high school. I continued to be involved in the broadcasting program up until my senior year of high school and decided to officially pursue my hobby as a career once I came to ASU. Thanks to my extended knowledge in journalism and my enrollment in the Cronkite School, I received an internship from a broadcast company called Omics Live. A non profit student success platform for students who want to be writers, editors, event coordinators, and TV personalities.


   Omics Live has opened many doors for me, because of the company I’ve had access to many award season events for award shows and gift lounges. Once I graduate from ASU I hope to not only become a successful entertainment journalist, but to also give journalism opportunities to those who are passionate. 

Danielle is a full time student attending Chapman University, and is currently laying the educational foundations for her career by majoring in Creative Producing. Danielle has a passion for screenwriting, and the entertainment business, and hopes to pursue her dream career as a television producer and writer. Danielle also has an extensive background in acting and musical theater. She spent her first two years at Chapman as a Theater student, and was also trained at UCLA. However, she decided that she wants to use the range of her abilities to help others bring their creative vision to life through production.


Danielle is extremely driven and likes to be a leader, but recognizes the contribution each individual makes to the art created as a team. At this stage of her education, she is eager to expand her knowledge of television production and the entertainment industry through hands-on experience and interaction with professionals working in the field.



Magazine Manager & Production Assistant

Born & raised in California, Dixie attended High School at Mark Keppel High in Arcadia and to this day looks forward to a tradition that started the day she graduated; an annual luncheon with High School friends! 


Some of Dixie's fond memories are being crowned Homecoming Princess, being raised by LAPD parents, many years in an ice skating rink as an Ice Dancer and her beloved horse! 


Her many years of Ice Dancing eventually turned into a devotion to Yoga! 


Married 53 years with two children, the past 15 years she's enjoyed working for her daughter & son-in-law and following her son’s boating and fishing profession. In addition, she has devoted time to her local OC based Police Department internal operations.



Administrative Assistant

Jess Gilbert grew up in Canada, relocating to California in 2009 in search of warmer weather, sunshine and a JD. She earned her JD in 2012, and now practices as a corporate attorney for DTS, Inc. in the field of entertainment and technology. 


In her “free time”, Jess likes to spend time with her dogs, hiking, and volunteering with various nonprofit organizations.