OMICS offers several internships and programs that include Tour Stop Internships, Pop-Up Internships, collaborations, direct interactive Internships all focusing on each individual student's interests.

Executive Interviews

Trend Reporting

Event Planning & Production

Behind The Scenes Tour Stops

Fashion OMICS

Fashion OMICS focuses on fashion business/development, fashion influencing, product development, design and so much more.

Areas of Focus:

Charity Event Support & Assistance

Fundraising Campaign Management


Philanthropy OMICS

Philanthropy OMICS offers participation in charity and philanthropy causes, campaigns, and global awareness participation.

Areas of Focus:

Website Development/Management

Social Media for Business

Innovation & Leadership/Launch of new OMICS programs

Site Monitoring

Technology OMICS
Technology OMICS offers interactions with leading tech companies, development, web design, entrepreneurial endeavors/opportunities, and collaborations.
Areas of Focus:

Award Show Style Lounge Assisting 

Red-Carpet Interviews

Executive Interviews

Entertainment OMICS

Entertainment OMICS is an opportunity to engage in all facets of the entertainment industry including production, on-air personalities, collaborations, red-carpet interviews, and all business transactions. 

Areas of Focus:

Leadership Roles

Magazine Writers, Editors & Managment 

Social Media Platform Management

Public Relations


Career OMICS

Career OMICS is a great Internship encompassing the corporate/entrepreneurial world and professional interests in the business world.

Areas of Focus:

Take advantage of our hands-on experiences and begin your journey to success

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