"Thank you Omics Live for spreading your magic and contagious motivation to Interns in pursuit of their dreams and inspiration." 

Kendall Stein

"So excited Omics Live was named Internship Organization of the Year at Chapman University! Thank you for all you do!"

"I loved every second I got to experience while being apart of Omics and thank you for allowing me to build the confidence of others as well as my own. Sherri at Omics is making such an impact in this world and #sogettinit!"

Danielle Scullon

"Interning with Omics saved my resume and was how I was able to get so many internships!  I owe a huge dept of gratitude to Omics for helping build my career. Alexa and I still chat about our great times on the red carpet!"

Lauren & Danielle Lugo

Lauren Suthers

Haley Hopkins Stern

"My internship with Omics Live was unlike any other professional experience. The organization gave me the confidence and community I needed to launch myself into a new era of life. Omics truly made a difference in my college experience and I am grateful to have found the organization when I did. The work with the organization opened many doors moving forward."

Caitlin Carmichael

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with Fashionomics. I am enamored with the concept of your organization. I loved being an MC and the Omics Interns had such inspiring stories.  I thank you for being so amiable to me."

"Omics Live has given me unique and incredible opportunities to experience which I otherwise may never have witnessed, such as going behind the scenes of the BCBG headquarters in Los Angeles, assisting at the Academy Awards Style Lounge, and landing a Marketing position at StyleCon. Through these thrilling experiences, I discovered other unique career sectors I never had thought of."

Angela Rodriguez

"The Emmy Awards Style Lounge was the perfect opportunity to accomplish my school assignment of interviewing entertainment executives. The rewarding experience guided my career path while adding to my resume and I am so grateful to be a part of the Omics organization." 

Haley Hammers 

Monique Newman

"I consider myself lucky to have had an awesome internship experience editing at Omics Live! I look forward to letting you know when I get my big break using my degrees in Film & Television and Mass Communications!"

Kourtney Morrison

"Omics LIVE has been a crucial part of developing and fostering my career interests.  I was able to take my vision and turn it into a reality by becoming a Co-Producer of a live Fashion & Art show with 30 models and multiple sponsors. Thank you to the Founder, Sherri Scheck-Merrill and the entire Omics team for this life-changing, hands-on experience, and memories!" 

Haley Richards

"As the former Managing Editor for 60 Seconds Magazine, I acquired a greater sense of organization, staff communication, and time management!  Omics taught me the value of hard work,  it’s benefits and the importance of motivation and determination to reach goals!"

Gabby LaChapelle

"I really appreciate all of the Omics Support over the past few years. I learned many valuable lessons during my time at Fashionomics, Omics and 60 Seconds Magazine. I am grateful you trusted me and will always appreciate the experience. I have grown so much through your guidance."

Carly Fox

"As I reflect on my High School days since starting college, I just wanted to reach out to thank Omics for providing me with experiences I’ll never forget. Omics helped me discover who I am and whom I want to be. You allowed me to perform during one of your shows which provided me an experience within my toolbox which inspired a career in music. I also gained experiences on running social media platforms and thank you for that experience too!"

Omics Live Leadership Team 2018

"We are so thankful for our amazing founder Sherri Scheck Merrill and all of the opportunities and adventures she provides.  From StyleCon to our behind the scenes tour stops including SleekShop and BCBG’s headquarters, we are forever grateful to her creation of real-world experiences."

Isabel Kinsolving

"Initially ambivalent to accept a producer role at Omics Live, with Sherri Scheck-Merrill's help and guidance, it wouldn’t have turned out half as good as it did!  Thanks so much for pushing me because, from this experience, I gained a huge understanding which will be valuable in my future endeavors."

Kirsten Worrells

"Thank you for helping me grow as a designer during my internship. The work helped me tremendously as a person all around!"