About OMICS Internships

OMICS Live, a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity is an "off-campus" educational Internship programs encompassing a multitude of professional career opportunities. Lead and managed entirely by college Interns in leadership roles, the live-experiences/internship participation is supported by many leading entertainment, technology, the fashion business, career corporation/entrepreneurships and philanthropy organizations throughout the country. Earned "college career credits" are applied to the student participants college applications, curriculum/major and resumes when transitioning to the business world.  College students engage our programs via short term Pop-Up Internships, attend major events, event planning, collaborations, business decisions, philanthropy, executive board room style meetings, Q&A’s, Executive meet n’ greets, technology development and entrepreneurship. Monthly Tour stops throughout the USA and Pop-Ups or remote Internships are available within 5 industry specific programs: Technology OMICS Live, Entertainment OMICS Live, Fashion OMICS Live, Philanthropy OMICS Live and Career/Business OMICS Live is the main focus of our commitments. 

Whether our students participate in red carpet interviews and style lounges at the Academy Awards and Emmys, become highly sought after as fashion influencers, participate in mainstream media as backstage interviewers on The Voice, American Idol, MTV etc., work as on-air TV network personalities, intern for the top corporations in every professional field, or participate in a leading tech company, the OMICS Internship program is truly a rare opportunity offered to students of all diversities. 

OMICS Live provides the funding and resources to all students interested in participating in our program that have a willingness to commit to our internship requirements, go through an approved process via an application and in-person interview (if applicable) to confirm current lifestyle interests, skillset requirements, and program expectations/commitments. Over the years, the OMICS Live students who have gone through our highly sought after Internship Programs have enjoyed success at the highest level in all fields in the professional world. "Education is the foundation upon which we build our limitless future" 



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Donations to the OMICS Internship Foundation can be made via our National Campaign Crowdrise at Go Fund Me

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