OMICS Internships

OMICS Live, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Education Foundation, curates remote Internships meant to benefit a multitude of future professions. Lead and managed by college Interns gaining leadership experience, the internship is the perfect balance to one's traditional curriculum and resume development as the role is managed remotely.   Several University-based Career Centers honor the award-winning Omics Live Internships by granting career credits for students participating in the unique experience. (Please contact us for additional information as the criteria differs at each University). 

OMICS Live Internships are designed to replicate a real-word profession. Our semester-based roles require an agreement and short application for consideration to confirm your the expectations of your role prior to committing. Over the years, OMICS Live students from our highly sought after 60 Seconds Magazine Internship have maximized the experience and benefits long term which is the reasoning behind our mantra:   "Education is the foundation upon which we build our limitless future." 



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Donations to the OMICS Internship Foundation can be made via our National Campaign Crowdrise at Go Fund Me

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